Posted on 24-Jun-2020

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Galvanised or Copper plumbing?

Today, home owners meet a common headache: "Should I use copper or galvanised iron in my new building?" We as your trusted local plumber are here to offer you advise when chosing the right material for your plumbing installation.

In houses, copper is preferred to galvanised because it offers the following advantages:

- it is naturally resistant to corrosion
- copper pipes are available in smaller diameters.
- copper is lead free. With copper you are assured of 0 lead poisoning
- Copper doesn't grow bacteria inside. It is bioststic.

From the above advantages, we can see that copper plumbing requires less maintenance and repairs over time. Another merit is that copper adds value to your property.

However copper has its disadvantages also.

- copper sometimes a "metallic taste" to water.
- Copper pipes can fail at temperatures > 180°C
- copper pipes are relatively more expensive to maintain.
- For larger diameters, copper pipes is not suitable.

When it comes to galvanised iron, there are several merits and demerits that can be explored for its use in plumbing.

Advantages include that:

- Galvanised is durable and can last for more than 50 years
- Galvanised is available in larger diameters and so it is suitable for swimming pools, boreholes etc.

The disadvantages of galvanised iron is that: - It can rust with time when the zinc coat is removed.
- for small diameters, the formation of rust inside can block water flow
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